Mount Pleasant Power System

Phone: 931.379.3233

123 North Main Street • Mount Pleasant • TN 38474


Individuals seeking to establish new service may do so at our office located at 123 North Main Street in Mount Pleasant. The applicant will need to provide a copy of the lease agreement or rent receipt if renting the location. Homeowners will need to provide proof of ownership.  One form of identification will also be required. There is a $25.00 connection fee

for all new connections of service.

MPPS also requires a security deposit – see the MPPS Rules & Regulations button below for details.

Customers who desire to transfer their service from one location to another within the MPPS service territory, may do so either by phone (931-379-3233) or in person at the MPPS office.  Proof of new lease, rental receipt or new ownership is required.  As stated above, there is a $25.00 connection fee for connecting a new location.

Customers requesting disconnection of electric service can do so in person at our office or by phone. The following information must be provided to disconnect electric service: valid driver’s license or valid photo identification, verification of personal information on the account and a forwarding address.  If this transaction is finished by 12 noon, the service can be disconnected the same business day. If after 12 noon, it will be disconnected the next business day. 

If you are building a new home or commercial building, please call us at 931-379-3233 and speak with our Engineering Department prior to construction to discuss the location of your electric service and to establish temporary service during construction.

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