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EnergyRight Solutions for Business

Energy efficiency programs can decrease the environmental impact of power production, reduce the overall need for new generating capacity and help consumers and businesses save money. The EnergyRight® Solutions for Business program offers cash incentives for installing energy-saving equipment.  In partnership with Mount Pleasant Power System, TVA helps businesses become more energy efficient by providing assessments of energy use and incentives for qualifying businesses that can reduce their electricity usage everywhere.

Energy efficiency is a winning proposition for every type of large commercial or industrial facility. You may not have the time or expertise to conduct an energy assessment yourself, but the experts at EnergyRight® Solutions for Business are ready to help you. They can offer unbiased, fact-based information on how to improve your energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. And financial assistance is available to help you make the transition to a more energy-efficient facility.

Learn more about the program and access its applications at EnergyRight® Solutions, How To Get Started.

For more information about EnergyRight® Solutions for Business and other commercial and industrial programs, contact your local Key Accounts & Marketing Manager