Mount Pleasant Power System

Phone: 931.379.3233

123 North Main Street • Mount Pleasant • TN 38474



Deposit will be refundable when the customer cancels service with MPPS. All applicants for new service will be subject to credit checks. If adverse information is found on credit report, deposit amounts will be increased. 

Residential Customers:

Rental Customers:
$300.00 or $500.00
Home Owners:
$100.00 or $200.00

Commercial/Industrial Customers:

MPPS requires that all commercial and industrial accounts provide a deposit in an amount equivalent to two months peak consumption. This amount will be estimated by MPPS in instances where there is no historical information for that location; however, MPPS reserves the right to adjust the deposit required where the actual consumption exceeds this estimate.

Commercial/Industrial deposits will be held by MPPS for the duration of the period in which service is rendered. Deposits may be in the form of cash or Utility Surety Bond.