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Comprehensive Services

Through the Comprehensive Services Program (CSP), TVA and the Mount Pleasant Power System provide engineering and technical assistance for commercial and industrial customers. CSP covers all areas of energy use, including power analysis, technical services, energy use and predictive maintenance.  Below is a list of services for you to choose from.

Energy Audits - General survey of energy use in a facility Metering and recommendations to correct for low power factor.


Demand-Side Management - Monitoring and testing electrical systems and recommendations related to managing peak demand, energy management opportunities, process, and facility improvements.


HVAC - Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning studies examine the sizing of HVAC equipment, offer heating-and-cooling system comparisons, investigate problems with existing systems, and provide recommendations for improvement.


Infrared Thermography.pdf - Infrared scans of electrical equipment such as transformers, breakers, bus and conductor connections for hot spots, as well as scans for facility heating- and cooling- loss.


Ultrasound Detection.pdf - Ultrasound technology can located compressed air leaks caused by vibration, holes in hoses, loose joints and cracks.


Lighting - Studies provide recommendations for the design of lighting systems in such places as sports fields, roadways, parking lots, and commercial and industrial plants.


Metering - We install temporary metering equipment to gather data on facility electrical usage.


Power Factor Grounding/Lightning - Grounding study, grounding testing, and lightning-protection recommendations.


Power Quality - Studies address voltage problems originating inside or outside the facility that adversely affect the end-user.

Water Heating -  Studies explore heat-pump water-heater applications, standard energy-efficient water heaters, and cost comparison of electric versus fossil-fuel system.

Wiring and Electrical Distribution Equipment - Studies analyze the facility's distribution system.  Including the sizing of wiring and equipment, and provide recommendations for system improvement.