Mount Pleasant Power System

Phone: 931.379.3233

123 North Main Street • Mount Pleasant • TN 38474



Mount Pleasant Power System mails statements to its customers on a monthly basis. The due date of the bill will always be the 22nd of the month and will be clearly marked on the statement. Customers will typically receive their statement in the mail 10-15 days prior to the due date. Failure to receive a statement does not release customer from payment obligation.
Bills not paid by the due date will be assessed a late payment penalty of 5% of unpaid balance. Unpaid balances exceeding $20 are subject to disconnection if not paid by the 30th day of the month (28th for February).

Other Fees & Charges

Return Check Charges - $25.00 if picked up before notification letter is sent, $50.00 thereafter

Reconnection Charge - $25.00 (during office hours), $100.00 (after hours)

Bills may be paid as follows
• In Person – 123 North Main Street, Mount Pleasant, TN 38474
• By Mail - P.O. Box 186, Mount Pleasant, TN 38474
• Night Deposit Box - Front side of the office at 123 North Main Street
• By Automatic Bank Draft
• Online
• By Telephone (during business hours only) – (931) 379-3233

Bank Draft Payment Plan
MPPS customers may elect to participate in the automatic bank draft payment plan. This plan will draft the amount due on your monthly billing statement from your checking or savings account on the 17th day of the month. If the 17th falls on a weekend, the draft will occur the following Monday. You will continue to receive a statement each month, but it will be marked “Paid By Bank Draft.”